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MADO Grand Breakfast - Picture is for two people

MADO Grand Breakfast - Picture is for two people

Minimum two-person to order, price is per person. Feta cheese, cheddar cheese, yellow cheddar cheese, kaymak with honey, tahin pekmez, green olives, black olives, su borek, acuka, two different fruit jams, seasonal fresh fruits, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, dried apricot, dried fig, walnuts, melemen, fried eggs, fries, a skewer of haloumi cheese and sujuk, unlimited tea and one breadbasket per person. For every 2 portions: - Two over-easy eggs with Turkish sausage or menemen. - 1 grilled Turkish sausage and cheese shish. For additional 1 portion: - Extra on all ingredients. - Extra egg on the pan. - 1 slice of su borek. *Unlimited tea during your breakfast. One breadbasket per person, additional breadbaskets are $1.99. *Free for children under 5. Price is calculated as number of people times their respective price

$29.99 Per Person - Minimum Order of 2 per tray(minimum $59.98 per tray)
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